Design is a means of communication between people.

It has the power to distinguish a brand and make it uniquely identifiable in the market place.
I believe in the power of a simple, exact and straightforward design that has clear values for the target audience. A good design starts with a dialogue with the customer and it entails research and familiarity with the market and the target audience. It continues with an exact and creative design solution and ends with meticulous execution, down to the smallest details.

My name is Tzeela Levin Peled. I am a graphic designer; a graduate of the visual communication course at “Vital”. I lecture on design at HIT and master’s student of industrial design at Bezalel, specializing in design management.

I have eight years of experience as a designer at a leading studio where I gained a great deal of design know-how in various quality projects with both small and large clients, in Israel as well as abroad.

Five years ago I established my own studio, specializing in branding and creating a graphical language, as well as providing professional design solutions for the various types of media.